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Onderwerp: Alpe Du Zwift: Rise to the Challenge

Alpe Du Zwift has arrived!

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Alpe du Zwift

Hey Frank,

Alpe Du Zwift has arrived! ARE YOU READY?

This staggering ascent is the biggest and baddest climb in Watopia, with rich surprises around every corner. Hop on Zwift and lets take this mountain! The summit offers some epic views.

Alpe Du Zwift Switchbacks

The New Routes

Road to Sky – 12.3mi // 19.9km distance | 3,753ft // 1,144m elevation
Tour of Fire & Ice – 15.6mi // 25.1km distance | 3,825ft // 1,166m elevation
Four Horsemen – 55.4mi // 89.3km distance | 6,929ft // 2,112m elevation

The expansion is open for Zwifters at Level 12 or above. Your current level is 11. Knock out more time on Zwift to level up. Spend time on the flats and unlock achievements to get closer.

‘Til thencheck out the mountain.

Alpe Du Zwift Video

Spring Mission

This months mission can be completed either by running and cycling. Choose to climb 10,000ft (3,048m) of elevation in the saddle, or run a full marathon. One month to complete, in as many sessions as you want. You can accept the mission on the Run or Ride screen.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift

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