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Onderwerp: Tour of Watopia Date Correction

The Tour of Watopia is a 7-stage event covering most of the routes of Watopia.

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Tour of Watopia

Hey Frank,

Oops. In a recent email we sent you, we listed the wrong start date. It actually starts April 1, 2018.

The Tour of Watopia is a 7-stage event covering most of the routes of Watopia.

Ride with us as we tour Watopia covering 155 miles // 249km and 16,437ft // 5,010m of elevation gain. Throughout April, we will grind through 7 challenging routes that showcase all the unique terrain of Watopia, old and new. Each stage will contain multiple ride times spread throughout a couple days. Finish them all and youll be the proud owner of a new in-game jersey.

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